About Us
Welcome to PFCS Online Training, the online training resource for general food industry employees and job seekers. Here, individuals can easily gain useful knowledge in food safety and other areas of the food industry. Our training courses are 100% online with three options for completion: Self-Complete Training, 1-On-1 Online Training and Virtual Group Training.
PFCS short courses are knowledge-based, interactive and may contain in-course quizzes and audiovisuals to keep participants fully engaged. Each course is designed to be completed in 45-90 minutes and individuals who enroll in a Self-Complete Training can conveniently complete the course over several days at their own pace. At the end each course, participants are required to take a final assessment quiz and must achieve a minimum of 80% for its successful completion. Participants can retake the final quiz as many times as they wish. A training certificate is issued after the successful completion of each course.
Our training certificates are achievements that can be use as credentials for advancing your career in the food industry. You can add your training to your resume and present your certificates during interviews and job performance reviews. You can also add your achievements to your LinkedIn profile and other social media platforms.

Self-Paced Training

Participants can enroll and complete each of our online courses anytime at their own pace.

1-On-1 Online Training

Participants can enroll and complete each of our online courses with the help of trainer.

Virtual Group Training

Participants can complete our online training courses by enrolling in our monthly virtual training sessions

Course Bundle

Participants can enroll in our course bundle to complete all three of our food safety courses at a discounted price.

Staff Training

Small food manufacturers and other food businesses can have their entire staff complete our online training courses. Our company package allow participants to complete their food safety training either self-paced or on 1-on-1 basis depending on their needs. After the successful completion of each training, the company will receive training certificate for their records and each employee will receive a training certificate.

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Career Coaching

Our career coaching services are tailored specifically for individuals looking for work in the food manufacturing industry. We currently offer:

  • Professional Resume Review
  • Certificate training for resume upgrade
  • Virtual Mock Interview
  • Job Search Assistance

PFCS Affiliate Program

Users and anyone interested in earning a passive income can join our affiliate program.

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Referral Program

All new and existing users of our online training platform can now earn Referral Bonuses by referring their friends to enroll and complete our online training courses.

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